With traditional funeral services, some families prefer aboveground disposition of the remains. Roselawn's garden mausoleum, which was constructed in 1964, was followed by freestanding additions in 1983 and 2012.

Each of these structures was constructed, based on the highest industry standards of design and hygiene. The purchase of our newest mausoleum crypts includes vases for floral tributes and granite fronts, suitable for engraving.

Most crypts require the casket to be installed head to foot, but couch crypts are inserted lengthwise. Abbey Crypts and Couches, which hold two caskets, are available typically for a husband and wife, or mother and child. Different tiers, or heights, also affect pricing.

As with burials, there are necessary opening and closing costs associated with our entombments.

Contact us at or 225‐344‐0186, for a tour of our facilities and assistance with all of the details.

Financing Options

For Pre‐Need Planning, Roselawn has financing options for mausoleum crypts with maximum terms of 24‐ 36‐ or 48‐months, depending on the purchase amount. These pre‐arrangements require ten percent downpayment. If paid in full within sixty days, then the sale is interest free.