Families, who choose cremation, also can pre‐arrange the purchase of a columbarium niche, thereby removing uncertainty about an urn's eventual location.

Roselawn's Columbariums, constructed in 1993 provide an out‐of‐the‐home, special aboveground resting place for cremated remains. With the increase of cremations, the niche, as it is called, safely and permanently houses these remains within an urn.

This final disposition option follows the religious tradition of the cemetery grave‐a central resting place for persons to honor the memory of a deceased family member or friend. As with other final dispostions, there are opening and closing procedures and fees for columbarium niches at Roselawn.

Burial of Cremated Remains

Under certain conditions, Roselawn also allows for cremated remains to be buried within an existing gravesite. One requirement is that the plot in question must allow enough space for an urn or urn vault, which would hold a deceased family member's urn.

Be sure to ask our burial consultant about legalities and disposition specifications that must be considered when burying cremated remains.

As with mausoleum closings, there are inurnment fees involved in the underground disposition of cremated remains.

Financing Options

For Pre‐Need Planning, Roselawn has financing options for mausoleum crypts with maximum terms of 24‐ 36‐ or 48‐months, depending on the purchase amount. These pre‐arrangements require ten percent downpayment. If paid in full within sixty days, then the sale is interest free.